Action Plan: Online Course Creation

Leverage Your knowledge and change lives...


In this first session, we'll talk about your big idea for a course and create a strategy for validating it. What's your angle? Is there any competition? And how will you stand out? You'll walk away with some market research homework to complete before session two. 

Online courses are a great way to leverage your knowledge and build a thriving digital world for yourself - but you need to be organized. The action plan for "Online Course Creation" is all about how to create a profitable online course - the right way.

Together, we'll validate your big idea, create the outline, and ensure that it's something your audience wants and needs before you sit down to create it.

We will also consider different pricing models, support levels, and evergreen options, so that you can put your income on auto-pilot when the time comes. You'll also learn about how to run a successful beta-testing program that lets you collect feedback and testimonials before you launch.

Join me on the passive income wagon, won't you?

💠 SESSION ONE: Your BIg Idea

🦋 SESSION TWO: transformation time




🎟 SESSION six: beta-testing & social proof


🥂 SESSION SEVEN: Launch calendar

With your idea validated, we can move forward to discuss the what is the transformation for the student - what problem are you solving? And who exactly are you helping?

What outcome is your course promising? What do you provide and what don't you provide? Every course creator needs to carefully set the expectations for students in order to minimize mistakes, mishaps, and refund requests.

Just like in music, a course needs modulation! What will be the outline for this course? What are the steps to completion for the student? How will you ensure that students follow through?

This session is all about your systems, so that you can run your course with confidence. What systems do you need? We'll also talk maintenance and automation possibilities to make everything as easy as possible.

Course creation in a vacuum is an uphill battle. In this session, we'll talk about how to run a beta-testing cohort, why it works so well, and how you get proof of concept at the end.

This session is all about implementation! Now that we have a solid idea in place, and we know what you will be teaching, to whom, how, why, and when, it's time to create the timeline to get it all done!

In this session, we'll chat about your marketing strategy, put some dates on the calendar and plan our your launch!

🎳 SESSION EIGHT: funneling

After launching, the most powerful thing you can do is put your course on auto-pilot with an evergreen funnel. In this session, we'll discuss this possibility for you and weigh it against future live launches.

This session is all about celebrating your success and wrap up any loose ends that need attention!