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You love your work, and you're passionate about the impact you want to create in the world, but you know you won't be able to scale without proper business systems in place.

Sound about right?


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☑ You're frustrated by the fact that you feel like an octopus in overdrive mode. Every day. What will happen when business really takes off?

☑ You know that you're pretty good at getting things done, but deep down you also know you could be more effective in how you work. Everything needs to be streamlined...

☑ Your can find your digital assets, but takes just a little too long, and you know you're wasting time. If only there was more structure around how you store files and information...

Fear not, creative genius! I've got you!

In this course, you will learn what systems architecture is and how to set up the infrastructure you need to support your business going forward.

Let's stop overwhelm in its tracks... In this course, we break things down clearly, so that you have completely clarity on why you are making your choices - the right ones!

In this course, you'll also get an inside peek at how a professional organizer runs her online company, along with proven strategies for how to manage day-to-day activities.



What it would feel like to:

Understand the process for putting the right systems in place, so that you can feel reassured that you're set up for success!

☑ Streamline your day-to-day operations, and know exactly where to start every time.

Not being afraid of scaling to the next level...because you know you can handle it.


creative systems architect

For years, it's been my passion to help brilliant minds get more done, and do it in a way that is nourishing instead of draining. With the launch of my new course Creative Systems Architect, I can finally help more entrepreneurs faster!

Creative Systems Architect is based on my decade-long career as a Digital Organizing Specialist and Productivity Coach, having worked with hundreds of private clients, business clients, and non-profits in helping them set up their digital systems. This is the foundation you need to get ready for the next level!

Without a solid foundation to help you with operations, your business will eventually plateau, so why not remove those barriers as early as possible?

Join us and we'll show you how!

a proven framework for designing a thriving business universe that brings your workload to a minimum!



I’m an Organizing & Productivity Coach, and I help creative entrepreneurs just like you organize their lives & become more productive, so there's more time for exploration and play!

I'm a Golden Circle Member of NAPO (The National Association of Productivity & Organizing Professionals) and I run my business online full-time as a basecamp digital nomad.

I created Creative Systems Architect to take the guesswork out of choosing your business systems, so that you can create structure that frees up your time and helps you manage it all!

I've taught this framework to hundreds of clients, and I'd love to help you next because you deserve to do your own thing, be profitable, AND have fun at the same time! Yes, it's possible!

Join me in this course to learn the basics of systems architecture, and my 6P formula for how to choose the right tools, so that your business can scale without growing pains!

With the right foundation in place, your business will soar!

Hejsan, I'm

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Creative Systems Architect



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As an entrepreneur, there is less of a divide between ‘leisure’ and ‘work’ and assets and to dos' can become overwhelming and never ending.

As a creative entrepreneur herself, Caroline gets that, and encourages looking at things in a uniquely holistic, calm and pragmatic way.

Caroline manages to make the complex simple, breaking things down into manageable chunks that actually make you excited to get stuck in and do the organising work!

Always with a spirit of inspiration and kindness at the heart, Caroline has supported and motivated me to connect (and organise!) the dots so I can deepen into my purpose in a more peaceful, practical and productive way.

Organising is a lifestyle and I have so much respect and gratitude for Caroline's work and wisdom.


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