"Remotify" is one of my coaching focus areas.

When you're out and about exploring the world, it's important to stay connected. You need access to all of your digital media, information, and communication in a strong and streamlined system, so that you can get things done regardless of location. You need organization. Full stop.

You'll also need to prove a sustainable income at most border checks, so what is your revenue plan? Your income needs to support your lifestyle, so that you can take a week off and not have to worry about cash flow. In many cases, this means revamping your services and offers.

Together, we will reorganize your business and set you up with a productive system that helps you communicate with team members and get things done. Anywhere.

This stage is highly recommended for all types of digital nomads, but absolutely essential for vagabonds and basecampers. 

Your Business

How can I help you get organized?

Examples of what we might chat about:

How do your current offers support the lifestyle you want to live, and how can we remotify them?

How does your systems and tech setup make it easy for you to keep your digital information safe and accessible? 

How can we create an organized photo archive and a solid backup system, so that you can keep those travel memories safe?

How can we leverage automation and put tech boundaries in place to help you work less and play more?

How can we consolidate your goals, plans, and dreams into ONE strong system that support you, so that you don't have to feel like an octopus in constant crisis mode? 

What does it really mean to be organized?

So what qualifies me to coach on this topic? 

I have spent the past decade as a highly successful Professional Organizer, living off my evergreen online offers while hopping between three continents regularly. My business is 100% paperless and all of my team members are remote workers. 

I am a Golden Circle member of NAPO (the National Association of Organizing & Productivity Professionals), and my business currently holds their stamp of approval. I served on the board for NAPO Chicago from 2017-2019 as Director of Technology.

I am also a DAM (Digital Asset Management) specialist and Certified Photo Organizer, so I know how to help you keep track of your media, whether that means your personal photos, or your business documentation.

Let me help you get organized!

more client 

- Erna Blooms,

I normally don't love systems, but Caroline's way of coaching allows me to be very creative and not feel restricted in any way. Before I met Caroline, I felt paralyzed with so many to-dos, and within a few months of coaching, everything was more streamlined and effortless.

I'm a multi-passionate entrepreneur and have so many projects to bring to life, so working with Caroline is essential for me to stay on track! I feel so supported! I will continue to work with Caroline for years to come because I know it helps bring my goals and dreams to fruition.


okay, i totally wanna chat!

"Marissa is seriously a godsend! She completely changed my business mindset and now my biz is thriving!"

- zahara l.

okay, i totally wanna chat!

"Marissa is seriously a godsend! She completely changed my business mindset and now my biz is thriving!"

- zahara l.