If you're a change maker with heart, you're just the type of person I'd like to know!

As a Coach, nothing brings me greater joy than to help people who help people. Inspiring implementation is my superpower, and it would be my honor to help make your dreams a reality! That way, you can pay it forward in turn!

I have 3 focus areas, and we start where you need the most support. Overall, I recommend all of them, but based on your desired lifestyle, you may not need all of them right away. 

We always start by chatting about the type of lifestyle you see yourself having - vagabond, basecamper, or expat. Then, we create a custom roadmap to get you there, taking into account your specific circumstances and goals. Then, we top it off with a deep dive in your own personal history to help you explore the world in a more meaningful way. 

I invite you to book a discovery call with me to learn more. This is totally free and there's absolutely no obligation connected with it - it just gives us chance to connect to see if we're a good fit for each other. 

You can also get my thoughts on your business with this free business assessment before our chat! Talk soon!

Coaching to help you Succeed

Life is about exploration...