A greek philosopher once said that in order to be truly happy, you have to "shrink your world," meaning live in a bubble, engage only with a small number of close friends or relatives, and not venture beyond your limits.
I think that's B.S. 

In my world, small thinking leads to fear-based decision-making, which leads to a life filled with regret. I don't want that for myself, or for you. So I do the opposite. The way I "shrink my world" is by exploring and making the unknown known, thus eliminating fear altogether. 

My whole life I've been fascinated with the idea of belonging, and challenging the idea of "home." Where is home? How do we decide where we belong? Is it based on where we were born? What our heritage is? ... or simply based on we decide for ourselves?

I continue to explore question that for myself through a nomadic lifestyle, and I couldn't do it without having solid systems in place. Being organized and productive is what allows me the lifestyle freedom I want to pursue other interest as well as create impact for others. I want the same opportunities for you. We all deserve that chance.


Stick with me, and together, we'll streamline your business, so that you can live your ideal life - where you choose, how you choose, and not have to worry about regret. Ever.


It's all about... implementation.

Dreaming big is great. Visualization is the first step towards creating your ideal lifestyle, but unfortunately, it's not enough. You also need to take action. Without implementation, dreams stay dreams. And what good are they then?

My superpower is implementation. I know exactly how to take big lofty dreams and break them down into small manageable steps that create momentum in the right direction. It involves planning because yes, the logistics are REAL - but it also takes guts, and I know you've got that.

If you bring your why, I'll supply the how.

It's all about implementation.



Born and raised in southern Sweden, I spent most of my childhood dreaming about seeing the world. Early on, I knew that I wanted to be location independent, be a creative force for good, and have the freedom to make my own decisions.
You might say that I was a "headstrong" child.

As a teenager, I participated in travel exchanges to England, and traveled with my family to places like Greece and Spain. And just like that, I was bitten by the travel bug. During those years, I also interned for some great mentors, which led me to experience incredible events in places like the Czech Republic, Norway, Denmark, Germany, France, and Monaco. I loved every minute of it!

At 18, I packed my bags and moved to Hawaii for college. I experienced severe culture shock in the beginning, but ended up loving it. Oh, and I also met my husband there. He had come to Hawaii from India to do his M.A., which added another country to my list of places to go. Clearly a bonus for someone like me!

After 5 years in Hawaii, we headed to mainland USA, and we settled in Chicago where our daughter was born. Now, years later, we split our time as much as possible between Sweden, India, and USA, and we are always traveling in between that too, because - believe it or not - there are still more places we haven't seen. But with the freedom of remote work, that list continues to shrink. And checking them off? Priceless.


born in Sweden

became a

became an

became a

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my business


It took me quite a long time to figure out what I was put on this earth to do, but over the years I unknowingly developed some signature frameworks, not realizing how connected they all were... until I found the right coach to highlight it.

To make a long story short, I know the power of finding the right person to help you. When the stars align, and you have the support you need, there's nothing you can't accomplish. To this day, I invest heavily in my own education and personal development, and it's never money wasted. It's what has led me to this point.

Absolutely priceless.

Now, I get to collaborate with my amazing clients to help create the same kind of life for them. It's all about finding the right environment where creativity can flourish and legacies can be made. We work to better humanity together, and with ease.

My productivity suite is made up of three focus areas, each with its own framework. Together, they make up the structure you need in to create a shorter work week for yourself while still getting things done. You deserve a lifestyle that's fulfilling & rich, not stressful and scattered. You shouldn't have to martyr yourself to make an impact. 

Focus area one is daily productivity. Without a handle on your day-to-day activities, it'll be tough to up-level and go any further. My signature bookend approach to productivity is the perfect first step to button up your days.

Focus area two is solid systems. With your business foundation strong and your operating procedures in place, you'll be ready to scale in no time. My signature 6P formula will show you how to select the right systems.

Focus area three is strategic planning through weekly reflection and efficient project management. Through my holistic approach to productivity, your life and business will merge into one solid ecosystem for ultimate flexibility.



The world's narrative is that being an entrepreneur is "risky."

People tell you things like "you won't have a steady income" and "what if you fail?" Notice how that is fear-based thinking. What if you don't fail? What if you have a plan for how to succeed, and you commit to it? What if you could have everything you want and more? Guess what? You can.

To me, being an entrepreneur is the safest thing in the world. I design my life around how I want to live, and unless I quit on myself, I can't get fired. It's job security at its finest. And when you work for yourself, you're automatically motivated for success.

Regardless of what lifestyle freedom means to you, let me tell you - it's possible. All you have to do is make a plan and stick to it. And with a bit of work and the right mindset, the rest will work itself out.



To me, lifestyle freedom means having options: options for learning, options for working, options for travel, options for finances, and options for experiences that are completely in my hands. It's ultimate freedom.

I don't like people telling me what to do - just ask my parents (Spoiler alert! I was a stubborn kid!) - but that's because I know what I want. I have always known what I wanted. I want options. If that makes me a rebel, so be it.

I think you want options too. In fact, I'm sure of it. Why? Because it's human nature. And I'd bet good money on the fact that if you're not 100% happy in your current situation, it's because you feel like there's a lack of options. It doesn't have to be that way. 

The first step on any journey is to acknowledge that transformation is possible. Once you do that, the options will present themselves. Then it's up to you to choose. 

I Love Snow, but I don't like being Cold.


Lifestyle freedom has a BIG impact on your family.

It means more family time, and more fun exploring together. I often hear that you can't travel extensively with kids in tow, but for us, that's never been a problem. Admittedly, I only have the one, and yes, it gets harder with a larger family, but it can be done. It just takes strategic planning, budgeting, and a bit of patience - but it's SO worth it!

My daughter learns well through experiencing the world. She now knows how to communicate with others and speak up when she sees injustice. She understands social responsibility and what it means to be a global citizen...and she's already planning how to best give back to causes she cares about. She is fearless... and that's what a real education is all about. 

Enjoy some of our favorite travel memories as an example:

Contemplating coconuts in India, 2009

Learning about turtle conservation in Hawaii, 2015

Camping under the Northern Lights in Iceland, 2016

Shopping in London, 2019

Horseback riding in New Mexico, 2019

Sailing in Skillinge, Sweden, 2013



My education includes a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Visual Communication from Hawaii Pacific University, a Master of Arts Degree in Arts, Entertainment & Media Management (with a focus in Music Business) from Columbia College, as well as a Cambridge Certificate of English as a Second Language.

Professionally, I am a 10-year Golden Circle member of the National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals (NAPO) and have previously served as Director of Technology & Communications for the Chicago chapter. I am also a Certified Photo Organizer and an Advisory Board Member to The Photo Managers.




Wherever I am and whatever I do, I'm in a constant state of learning, and I truly believe that's a secret ingredient to success. Learning in all forms is what gets you to the next level and it's what helps you evolve as a human. Mistakes happen, but they don't need to define us. 


Music has lived within me since I was a kid and it's one of my favorite forms of expression. There's something about singing and playing guitar that brings me true happiness. Oh yeah, and it also brings the world together. That's big. Thanks MJ.


What goes well with music? Dancing, of course!
I'm a trained belly dancer and performed in the Near Eastern Dance Company of Hawaii alongside my friends Luisa and Malia between 2000-2003. Malia now teaches classes, so look her up and take a class when in Hawaii! I'm also proficient in Hula and Tahitian as well as the Swedish classics!


I love it when I get to meet new people in general, but it's so much fun to try and communicate in other languages. My native language is Swedish, but I'm also fluent in English, Norwegian, and Danish. My Spanish is decent, and so is my French. I understand German, Italian, and Portuguese well, but I definitely need to practice more. Drop me a line if you'd like to say hi or teach me a bad word.


There are no better stories that the ones lurking in your own family tree, and I'm completely obsessed with discovering and chronicling my family's stories as well as those of my clients! I started researching my ancestry in 1997, and was quickly bitten by the bug, which led me to work as a pro for years. Now, I infuse these types of stories in my life, branding, and frameworks.


If there's one thing I can't actually live without, it's my afternoon sip of green tea. It's absolute zen in a cup. If it's loose-leaf and Fair Trade Certified, it's on my list. My favorite tea is Yin Hao Jasmine from Harney & Sons, which I constantly tell everyone about - if you're looking for a quality tea, don't miss this one! It's amazing! 


I have a deep passion for real estate and home improvement because... well, I'm all about "home." Finding homes and personalizing them is so much fun, and yes, I can tile with the best of them. Give me a free weekend and a paint brush and I'll take care of that wall.


Growing up in Sweden, I owned six horses that I trained and competed with, in both show jumping and dressage. I started riding at age 4, so I've probably spent more hours on horseback than actually walking. Though I never competed in Western-style roping, I'm pretty good at it, and the same goes for horseback archery. Perhaps it's my Viking heritage...


Gimme a camera and I can entertain myself for hours.
A selfie stick doesn't hurt either. Gosh, is photography fun! I love photographing people, but landscapes work too. And animals. And landmarks. Well, all of it.
I try to hold at least one photoshoot in every new place I visit to capture the excitement of seeing it for the first time, but I also snap candids whenever I can. If you hang around me long enough, you'll end up with a new portfolio. I have some samples here, if you're curious.


I always knew that I wanted to have a business that gives back to the causes I care about, and I'm proud to say that it has now become a reality. I'm particularly fond of non-profits that provide help to children and provide learning opportunities as well as cultural experiences. I hope to be able to continue this work as expand in the future, and I encourage you to join me! You can see a list of who I regularly support here.


Blooming Aces Creative

- Erna Blooms

I normally don't love systems, but Caroline's way of coaching allows me to be very creative and not feel restricted in any way. Before I met Caroline, I felt paralyzed with so many to-dos, and within a few months of coaching, everything was more streamlined and effortless.

I'm a multi-passionate entrepreneur and have so many projects to bring to life, so working with Caroline is essential for me to stay on track! I feel so supported! I will continue to work with Caroline for years to come because I know it helps bring my goals and dreams to fruition.

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okay, i totally wanna chat!

"Marissa is seriously a godsend! She completely changed my business mindset and now my biz is thriving!"

- zahara l.

okay, i totally wanna chat!

"Marissa is seriously a godsend! She completely changed my business mindset and now my biz is thriving!"

- zahara l.